Rocky Mountain Financial Services specializes in designing a holistic financial plan that focuses on your personal and business goals. 

Custom Financial Plans for Pre-Retirees & Retirees, with additional focus on serving Dentists, Healthcare Professionals, and Business Owners.

Who We Serve

Our clients love their families and desire to make a difference in the lives of others. They want to guarantee that they are financially secure and that their families can share in their success.

Pre-Retirees & Retirees

Whether you are currently saving for Retirement, on the verge of Retirement or already navigating Retirement, our team is ready to develop a plan to solve

In Pre-Retirement, the concerns are:

How much to save?
And where to put it?

But in Retirement, the concern now becomes:

How much can you withdraw from retirement assets to avoid the fear of running out of money?


Dentists & Healthcare Professionals

Whether you own a dental or healthcare practice, we understand that your life is a never-ending juggling act of seeing patients, managing staff, and keeping your business running smoothly. Our team has a unique set of skills and experience to guide you as you navigate the financial complexities and risks that come with owning and managing a practice.

Business Owners & Entrepreneurs

Owning an established business brings about a unique set of challenges that are different than the obstacles you may have faced when you first began your entrepreneurial journey. We specialize in working with business owners who are feeling – or beginning to feel – the weight of the financial complexities that come with a successful business.

How We Help

We leverage a wide variety of strategies to address the opportunities and solve the challenges that our clients face.

Life is full of unknowns that can erode current assets and negatively impact wealth accumulation. That’s why we work with our clients to protect current assets and the wealth that they will build in the future. With a custom rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, our clients — regardless of their situation — experience the comfort of knowing that their assets and wealth are shielded from unexpected events.

Aside from inheritances and winning the lottery, wealth doesn’t happen without a plan. We develop strategies to assist our clients in achieving their desired goals – whether longer term, such as building for retirement, or shorter term, such as college funding for children and grandchildren or purchasing vacation, recreation, or investment properties. Beyond achieving financial goals, we create a plan that maximizes wealth and minimizes taxes through efficient use of current and future resources.

Investment planning touches all aspects of your broader financial plan. However, it is simply the vehicle that moves you toward your goals. That vehicle comes in different models and moves at different speeds. After completing a risk assessment, we develop a strategy that is appropriate for your risk tolerance to help you meet your goals. We often incorporate the expertise of outside portfolio managers, whose job is to specialize in the daily tasks of investment selection, rebalancing, and when appropriate, tax loss harvesting.

Accumulating wealth, which we compare to climbing up a mountain, is only the first part of retirement planning. The second part, which we compare to getting back down the mountain, is how to turn that wealth into income that will last for your lifetime and can be passed along to your loved ones.

Many of our clients own businesses and wonder what will happen when they are no longer involved in the business. That’s where our expertise in business succession planning comes into play. We coordinate the efforts of attorneys, accountants, and other advisors so that our clients can review and evaluate their options before exiting the business. Whether the owner’s exit is expected or unexpected, this planning provides a clearer path into the future, eliminating the unknowns for both the owner and the successor.

An important objective for our clients goes beyond what they accumulate and accomplish in this life. Our clients love their families and want to continue making a difference in the lives of others far into the future. They want to be assured that their wealth will be passed on to their chosen heirs in a tax efficient manner. As part of the planning process, we consult with and coordinate the efforts of attorneys, accountants, and other advisors to ensure that our clients leave a legacy that endures for generations to come.

About Us

Experienced, independent financial planners focused on enhancing our clients’ lives.

At Rocky Mountain Financial Services, we collaborate with clients to meticulously design financial strategies tailored to their unique goals, empowering them to attain financial stability and long-term security. Our mission is to enhance our clients’ lives today and help them maximize their future wealth. 

*Clients listed were selected based on their willingness to say a few words about our firm. Each client’s experience and results will differ.

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