Pre-Retirees & Retirees

Thinking about Retirement, an exciting yet sometimes scary proposition.

The Objective is…

not only to Accumulate enough in Pre-Retirement but also, to have enough income in Retirement without the fear of running out of money.

Think of it like climbing a mountain. The goal is to not only make it to the top of the mountain but to make it back down safely.

Getting up the mountain is the Pre- Retirement (Accumulation) phase and getting down is the Retirement (Distribution) phase.

The Retirement Savings Dilemma

Watch the video below to understand how a holistic approach to retirement can benefit you. 


Our clients love their families and desire to make a difference in the lives of others. They want to guarantee that they are financially secure and that their families can share in their success.


Currently saving for Retirement


On the verge of or already navigating Retirement

There are 2 rates that make up everyone’s Retirement Income and both are equally important.

1. Accumulation Rate: how fast you accumulate money going up the mountain.

2. Distribution Rate: how fast you can distribute money from the assets that you have built without running out on the way down the mountain.

Financial research recommends only withdrawing 3-4% from retirement assets to avoid running out of money. This would mean a $1M account would only produce $30-40,000 of annual income. To produce $150,000 would require $3.75-5M.

For many people the problem isn’t accumulation of money for retirement but rather the low distribution rate. This is especially true for people who want to replace their current income in Retirement and continue to live the lifestyle that they are
accustomed to.

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