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Rocky Mountain Financial Services goes beyond traditional financial planning to not only reach your goals, but to achieve maximum wealth.

Our Story

Transforming Financial Dreams into Reality

Over the years, Rocky Mountain Financial Services has forged lasting partnerships with our clients, crafting tailored financial strategies to help them attain their objectives and optimize their wealth. Our extensive experience has equipped us with a profound understanding of financial approaches and planning techniques. We remain passionately dedicated to continually broadening our expertise to benefit our existing and prospective clientele. By entrusting us with your financial planning, you can confidently embark on a journey towards financial prosperity, secure that our unwavering commitment and up-to-date insights will guide you every step.

Our Team

Meet The Founders

Jerry Biegler, ChFC®

Over the years, Jerry has enjoyed working with his clients to plan for their financial future and realize their dreams. His experiences have allowed him to become knowledgeable about most financial products and planning methods. However, he never tires of expanding his knowledge for the benefit of his current clients and the additional clients that he hopes to work with in the future.

Jerry’s concern for his clients and the fact that they feel at ease around him stems from his humble upbringing. He was raised on a small family farm in North Dakota. As the youngest boy of 16 children, he watched his mother struggle to keep the farm after his father passed away. This experience has fueled his passion to encourage others to provide for their families, not only in the event of their death, but to help them create and enjoy the maximum wealth during their lifetime. At 17 Jerry enlisted in the Navy. He then attended the University of Wisconsin and graduated with a degree in History and Political Science. After graduation, he moved to Colorado and began his career in financial services.

Jerry lives in Colorado Springs with his wife Vicki, who has been by his side in life and work for over 20 years. He is an active member of his church and enjoys supporting charitable endeavors for single moms and children. His greatest source of joy has been watching his 3 children grow up and welcoming his first grandchild. He enjoys spending time with his family, especially when it involves hiking, skiing, or sailing.

Vicki Biegler, MBA

Vicki’s diverse background in banking, small business consulting, and financial planning made her a natural fit for Rocky Mountain Financial Services. She developed a desire to help others achieve financial security and pursue their dreams when she was young, as she observed her father run a business and participate in several entrepreneurial endeavors. Understanding the unique challenges and rewards of entrepreneurship, Vicki is committed to providing tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of each client.

Vicki finds great fulfillment in getting to know clients, preparing plans to help them achieve their financial goals, and observing their progress over time. She has a unique passion for reviewing tax returns and other financial documents to identify opportunities for improvement of the overall financial picture.

Vicki holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Delaware and a Master of Business Administration from the University of West Florida.

In addition to her professional achievements, she is an active member of her church and enjoys participating in Bible studies with other women. During her free time, Vicki enjoys hiking, group fitness classes, traveling, and visiting the beach. She has three grown children and a grandchild, which brings her immense joy.

First Ascent Asset Management


Part of our team is First Ascent Asset Management, an SEC registered investment advisor, to provide portfolio management services to our clients. These services include portfolio construction, trading and rebalancing, account administration, performance reporting, and billing. We are excited about our relationship with First Ascent. Partnering with their team of portfolio management specialists allows us to dedicate more time to serving our clients. We selected First Ascent because of the experience of their team, the depth of their capabilities, and the objectivity of their advice.

Their investment team includes:

Scott MacKillop, JD. Scott has over 40 years of financial services experience. He is the founder and CEO of First Ascent Asset Management.

Patrick Krulik, CFA. Patrick has over 14 years of financial services experience. He is the Chief Investment Officer of First Ascent Asset Management.

Our Process

At Rocky Mountain Financial Services, our client-centered process focuses on understanding your unique needs and goals while adapting to your evolving financial situation. We help you navigate your financial journey, coordinate your resources, and achieve optimal results. 

Introductory Conversation

Our goal for this meeting is to determine if working together would be a good fit. By asking questions and actively listening; we take the time get to know you, understand what you want to accomplish, and learn what is important to you. You will gain an understanding of what you can expect if you work with Rocky Mountain Financial Services. 

Information Collection & Organization

In this stage, we’ll request detailed information, examine financial and legal documents, acknowledge potential obstacles, and refine your objectives. Our  analysis will identify areas for improvement, and reduce complexity. We’ll also focus on minimizing wealth erosion factors, such as taxes, fees, and unnecessary costs. Ultimately, an organized picture of your current financial situation and an outline of the objectives that you wish to accomplish will be presented.

Design Your Custom Plan

Rocky Mountain Financial Services goes beyond traditional financial planning to design strategies that not only achieve your goals but maximize your wealth. We will design a custom plan that coordinates all aspects of your financial life (protection products-liability, disability, and life insurance; wills, trusts, business entity selection, and other legal structures; investments and retirement plans; real estate; business assets; cash flow; and debt). Throughout this stage, ongoing education is provided so that you are informed and comfortable before moving forward.

Strategy Implementation

Now it’s time to put the plan into action! We will assist you in implementing the most effective strategies to reach your goals and grow your wealth. This may include collaborating with a network of professionals, such as attorneys, accountants, portfolio managers, and other specialists, to ensure the optimal outcomes are achieved.

Ongoing Review & Relationship Building

In this ongoing phase, we’ll conduct periodic progress assessments, with a minimum of annual meetings, to make any required financial adjustments. As we stay attuned to changes in your situation, we encourage open communication and welcome your calls whenever challenges or opportunities emerge, fostering a strong and collaborative partnership.

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